Saturday, April 9, 2011

Time for a Spring Break

It's Saturday night and I've finally sitting down for a few minutes.  I'll miss Six Sentence Sunday tomorrow and for the next Sunday or two as well.  But, spring is here and it is time for road trips, company and spring cleaning.  I actually tackled the latter today because we finally had a sunny, warm Saturday. It was more like early summer as the temp got up to 89.  Feeling energized, I worked on my house most of the day.  There is nothing like a clean, clutter-free house.  My trash bin is over-flowing.  What I really loved was having the windows open all day.  The fresh breeze was great.
I'm planning a trip to Nashville and I'm hoping the dogwoods will still be in bloom.  Both dogwoods and azaleas are in bloom now. I took the photo of the butterfly enjoying an azalea yesterday.    

Then, I have a friend coming for a visit. We're planning our own writers' retreat in my den. 

Before I close, I have a product recommendation.  Krud Kutter.  I bought it at Lowe's and it works!  This stuff is great on grime. You just spray it on and let it set a few seconds and wipe off. The crud is gone!                                                               


Melinda said...

Is it really smelly or just a little? I need something like this. I am calling you.

Patricia Preston said...

Not much odor at all. Maybe a little citrus.

Pat said...

On my way to Lowe's! Great weather...until later today.

Donna said...

Thanks Again! I'm thinking I may want some Krud Kutter!Hahaa