Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Candle In The Wind

The month of April has ended on a sad note with many lives, suddenly and unexpectedly, lost. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those who lost loved ones in the tornadoes this past week. I consider myself fortunate to be sitting here, alive with electricity and house in tact. In this area, we had multiple tornado warnings and several funnel clouds passed over us on their way to touch down in Alabama and Tennessee.

That was simply how the cards were dealt on Tuesday and Wednesday. We got the lucky hand. But, often enough, luck runs out when you least expect it. A week ago today, a close friend of mine was buried after a sudden death. Like the tornado victims, she had no idea death was only hours away. It is a frightening thought that life can be snatched away so quickly. But, it is worth remembering every day you get up.  My friend always said to find something in every day to enjoy.  A good cup of coffee was what she enjoyed.  Find what makes you smile and spend more time smiling, less time worrying over the stuff that will mean nothing once you leave this life.

We are all candles in the wind waiting to be extinguished.  It is what we do with our time before our flame goes out that matters most.


Donna said...

I'm grateful for Every morning that God lets me open my eyes....I'm SO glad you're safe sweetheart...Hang tight though...we still have many more days of this mess!

Pat said...

Yes, it's how we live the ...between the dates on our headstones that matter.