Thursday, February 3, 2011

Great Review on Reina's Blog & LaTessa is the Winner!

First off, tonight I put all the names of the gals who commented on my Outlaw Tidbit in the hat and drew. LaTessa is the winner.  I hope she downloads some great music! 

 Also, Reina posted a wonderful tribute to my little book on her blog, Find Your Miracle . It is moments like this that make the hard work worth while.  I am hoping to review Reina's books someday.  She has had a request for 2 full manuscripts from an editor.  If you have time, stop by her blog and cheer her on!!! 

Now, it is February and February is going to be Fun Month. I am going to be pretty busy with revisions on my current project so I won't be posting a lot and the posts will be fun stuff. I also have guest bloggers scheduled for Fridays.  Hope you'll stop by when you can!


Reina said...

Thanks, Patricia! I look forward to your future books... :)

LaTessa said...


Thanks Patricia :-)