Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowed In? A Great Time To Stay In And Read A Romance

That's a photo of my backyard this morning.  We have not had this much snow in years!  And, according to what I have seen on TV, much of this part of the country is snowed in.

Almost an OutlawOf course, being snowed in is a great time for hot chocolate and a book.  So, I'm going to make a pitch for my novella which goes on sale today. If you're looking for a short read with a tall, dark and handsome rancher, a dazzling heroine, a few famous outlaws, a heartless bad guy, some sexy scenes and some suspenseful moments, you'll enjoy Almost An Outlaw!  You can download it into your e-reader and start reading!


Crystal said...

The snow is amazing and beautiful, indeed! And I'm looking forward to reading Almost An Outlaw.

Patricia Preston said...

Thank you, Crystal. I'm going to put together our Brainstorming list today.

Pat said...

Great story, engaging characters, steamy romance...Almost an Outlaw is a great read!

Cindy said...

I received a new e-book reader for Christmas...the second book I ever downloaded was THIS ONE! Excellent characters...they literally leap from the screen.

Big thumbs up!

Cindy Nord