Saturday, November 20, 2010


Saturday brought about the close of a busy week for me. I bought a new computer and I have spent most of the day installing programs and all that good stuff that you have to do when you change computers. It hasn't been something I've enjoyed doing. I've had a few cussing fits. But, the computer does work fast and that make things easier.

However, I still prefer my old computer for writing. It is strange how certain things actually send signals to your brain. I only use my old computer for writing only and I can say without hesitation that I certainly prefer my old monitor to this new HD one. The resolution on the old one is so much easier on the eye. Back to the signals, any time I sit down in front of the old computer, I know that means it is time to write. It is like my brain knows this is where we write and it is time to write. I really don't have much luck writing other places with the exception of revisions which I have down on other computers in my house.

I did take a break today and I went to see The Next Three Days, a new suspense movie with Russell Crowe. It was a well-acted drama, although sometimes Crowe seemed to be going overboard with his character's long stares at his wife. I think this was supposed to show his love for her but sometimes it came across as a bit strange. Overall, this movie is okay but not really that entertaining. I wish I'd went to see Harry Potter instead.

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