Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Magic Box

Roku is a small box, only a few inches wide, that allows you to stream in a variety of programming from the internet. The box costs about $60 and allows you to stream in Netflix. I didn't have the game boxes you can use for this, so I decided to try out Roku. I definitely recommend it! It actually works great. It is wireless but I decided to use a network cable to attach the box to my wireless router. Not only can you stream in Netflix, but a number of other sites as well. Pandora is great for music, plus there many more music sites to choose from as well as other programming.

Roku comes with an easy-to-use remote control. I was amazed that you can fast-forward, reverse or pause the movies. If you stop a movie and later on decide to watch the rest, when you load it, it is ready to play where you left off. Hulu is coming soon to Roku, which will be terrific. And, there are lots of documentaries that are often helpful when it comes to writing.

And, the best thing about streaming in programming like this rather than watching television:

There are no drug commercials. YAY!

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Donna said...

I Like it in here!! Nice!
I haven't seen this new toy though...You know me, I'll be checking it out!Hahaa