Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Photo of the Week: Blue Butterfly!

Early this morning, I looked out my back door and saw this gorgeous blue butterfly on the gravel. I don't recall ever having seen a blue butterfly like this one before. So, of course, I made a dash for my large Canon instead of the small one, hoping I could get a photo of this gift from Nature before it flew away. As it was, I got outside with my camera and butterfly seemed content to flutter about on the gravel while I snapped away. Do butterflies bring good luck, I wonder?

Finally, it came time to say farewell to my lovely visitor. However, I was the one to depart back into my cool house. I looked out an hour or so later and the butterfly was still there. That made me wonder if this was its last day? I went out to see if it could fly and it did fly about some before landing again on the gravel. I returned inside and checked a while later, this time the butterfly was gone. I'm hoping it met up with a fairy and headed for the woods.


Janie said...

Awesome! I love butterflies. And this is a great photo! I haven't seen many in my yard this year, but I'm waiting. I have planted lots of lantana and come July and August I ought to have blooms and butterflies everywhere!

Kelly Boyce said...

Amazing picture!!