Friday, September 4, 2009

Wedding Bells

Tomorrow is the big day! I'm in Houston and using my son's friend's Toshiba notebook and I must say I really like it because the keyboard is really easy to use. Much easier than Dell laptops, which is what I have at home.

I did finish up my outlaw story and I'll have to go back over it next week. I hope to have it submitted by the end of next week.

My dress for the wedding still fits and I guess I'm good to go for tomorrow. Now, I'm going to go look at some other blogs as I have not been online in a few days and see how everyone else is doing.


Donna said...

Have a Wonderful day today!! Hope there's no rain! Try to get a snap of your new shoes!!! Enjoy!hughugs

Mary said...

You've been busy!!!! And Congrat on finishing the outlaw story... that's huge!!!

Have fun at the wedding!!! You'll have to post a picture :)

Hugs, Mary

gypsyscarlett said...

I hope the wedding was as beautiful as imagined. All the best to the bride and groom.

Kelly Boyce said...

Hope the wedding went great!