Friday, August 21, 2009

Cloudy Friday

Today was a cloudy and rather cool, for this time of the year, Friday. I was just happy to get off work a little early and come home. I've finished up some laundry and some cleaning so I won't have that to do this weekend.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I'm leaving early for Alabama where I'm going to spend the day with two old friends, Beverly and Edna. It is the get-together that we missed last year because of one thing or another. Beverly was determined that we were going to do it this year so we are meeting at her house at eleven. It may be a little bittersweet because this is our first time to get together without Willie, who lost her battle with cancer since the last time we were together. Of course, she will be with us in our hearts always. She was a very special friend.

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Donna said...

Ahhh...I hope you both have a Grand time sweetheart...And never fear! Willie will be right there with you!!(((HUG)))